William Spademan: Common Good Banks

Bio: As president of Common Good Finance, William leads the project to design and create common good banks -- a design that involved hundreds of individuals and organizations around the world, from 2002 through February 2008. A former software engineer and theater director, William lives in Ashfield, Massachusetts with his wife and 13-year-old daughter.

WorkshopCreating Common Good Banks -- Democratic Economics for a Sustainable World

Synopsis: Common Good Banks will enable each participating community to decide by direct democracy what to invest in, what to fund, and even how much money to create and what to spend it on. In the short term, this means millions of dollars in new funding for local schools and nonprofits. Once the first common good bank opens, any community anywhere can have one in just a few days, with no need for a bank building. 

Creating a democratic money system that rewards labor rather than ownership (and thereby ending control of the world by corporations), common good banks will put an end to war, poverty, hunger, and global warming. Workshop participants will learn how common good banks work and how to get one started in their community.