Directions to SIT

Whenever possible, SIT EWG encourages the use of ride shares to the conference.  A recommended site is:  

1. Conference Fees- Includes access to all speakers, presenters, light beverages and snacks.
The Conference is based on a sliding fee:
Adults: $10 - $20
Students: $8
- with the intention that no one will be turned away at the door.
2. Will you be purchasing lunch at the World Learning Cateteria? (Lunch is not included in the conference fee)

All proceeds will go towards:

honorariums for conference presenters; conference costs; and for the SIT Farm and Sustainable Agriculture Initiative here at World Learning Graduate Institute in Brattleboro VT. The SIT Farm and Sustainable Agricultural Initiative is a project that aims to provide education in socially and ecologically sustainable agriculture, reconnect community with the land, and help increase food sovereignty and justice globally. The food produced by the farm will be used here in our campus cafeteria, and 1/3 of produce will go directly to our local food pantry. World Learning has donated the land and barn space for this use. Your contribution will help raise funds to get this project underway.