Arthur Lizie:

Bio: Arthur Lizie is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Bridgewater State College (BSC).  He is the Food Team leader for BSC’s Center for Sustainability and coordinator of the Bridgewater Area Real Food Group.  In these roles he has worked to bring college and community organizations together to secure access to good local food through community gardens, a farmer’s market, and educational opportunities.

Discussion:  Make Arks, Not Floods: Building Community in a Time of Crisis 

Synopsis: Much of the rhetoric surrounding sustainability in the popular press has stressed the role of individual behavior modification in creating a “green” world.  However the individual can only foster substantial change if operating within mindful collective structures that work toward systemic change.  This presentation discusses the process of creating mindful sustainable communities and networks, focusing on the development of a local “good food” network in the Bridgewater, Massachusetts region.